Image Keeping the iconic brand intact.
Image VOSS PET Bottle Line Up
Image Shipping Boxes
Image Polishing the logo details.
Image Logo Adjustments Details
Keeping the iconic brand intact.
VOSS PET Bottle Line Up
Shipping Boxes
Polishing the logo details.
Logo Adjustments Details

Identity crisis

Project name
Voss recyclable bottles

VOSS artesian water is known around the world for its remarkable purity. The bottle’s iconic design has long been equated with the water’s quality, and with the distinguished international locales where it is often served.


The VOSS bottle was designed specifically for glass, but in 2007 the company decided to launch a plastic version for retail sale. Their first attempts brought a host of design and proportioning problems, resulting in plastic bottles that didn’t have the height and elegance of their glass counterparts. The simplicity of the original bottle was lost, and the new graphics they added took away from the established VOSS look. We were given the task to fix this.


VOSS water bottles stand alone, quite literally, when they are served in restaurants or at meetings. Their simple elegance becomes the centerpiece of the table. In the retail environment, the bottle’s simplicity works against it – when lined up behind or beside each other in rows at the store, the name no longer reads on the bottle and they are easily lost in the crowd of other brands around them. We addressed VOSS’ plastic identity issue by starting with the logo. We made small but necessary adjustments to it, which already had strong recognition but was poorly crafted. As with most high-end products, the few but vital parts of the identity need to be perfect to strengthen its position. We rebalanced the letters perfectly, made the logo whiter and added a slight drop shadow on the plastic bottles to make the logo stand out in a store display case – just enough to create a strong link to the glass bottles while also differentiating them. To address sizing issues, we developed new 350ml, 500ml, and 850ml bottles and caps. These increments in size looked very natural, which maintained a sleek, proportioned look. We also molded the VOSS name and product info onto the caps to add subtle detailing. We developed a series of shipping boxes to further refine the brand perception and show the company's commitment to environmental responsibility.


VOSS got exactly what they were looking for: beautiful plastic bottles with a strong link to the iconic glass features that stand out on the shelf.


Product Design, Packaging Design, Label Design