A Sheer Rebel

Project name
Ventelo Branding

Ventelo is a Norwegian telecom company known for its rebel spirit and transparency. While this quality made them a true original in the industry, it didn’t save them from getting stuck as the underdog.


We were approached via Ventelo’s ad agency, Grey, as the company ramped up its market repositioning efforts. They needed a visual identity that said corporate and screamed rebel. How could we say no?


We came up with a V-shaped logo that incorporated the idea of street art stencil work, with neat, clean lines to demonstrate their professionalism. We intentionally left the V ”hollow” – this way it could be filled with images depending on where the logo would be displayed, or what marketing campaign they wanted to take shape. The transparent V also functioned as a kind of window into the world and the visual voice of Ventelo, showing customers the energy behind the brand.


Ventelo loved the idea, and implemented all the graphics, signage and print materials into their corporate structure. Their nationwide advertising campaigns were twice as effective by taking advantage of the transparent V’s unlimited adaptability as the centerpiece.


Identity Concept & Design Execution