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Main Rica Logo
Hotel flags
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Rica G20 Interior

The Rica and Famous

Project name
Rica Hotels

Back when plaid and ‘staches reigned supreme, the Rica legacy began in 1975 as a small restaurant in Oslo. Today, Rica Hotels is the largest hotel chain in Norway, with locations in major cities and unique destinations all across Scandinavia. (And all of them are disco free.)


After successfully designing the rooms for their business hotel “Rica G20”, Rica came back to Work to redefine the visual identity of their entire chain. It was high time to do something exciting. Rica’s 76 hotels had experienced only minor changes over the years, and now featured clashing styles from the traditional to the ultra-modern, which left their brand on the wrong side of cool.


Although a bit quaint, we found some promise in the original shield and serif of Rica’s emblem. It was poorly crafted and lacked clarity, sporting royalish blue and gold colors that were more like an Elton John hangover. So we re-crafted it, enhancing the shape of the shield and serif to improve legibility and give it a more iconic, crisp and clean look.

It was essential to develop an overall aesthetic beyond Rica’s logo that would visually unite the chain across its array of locations. With a new logo came new fonts, color palette, photographic style, advertising templates and signage, all designed with the idea of Rica moving through the decades to come, and not getting stuck in matte hell. For an extra unique touch, we threw in a new monogram for use on internal collateral. We also devised a comprehensive brand guidelines document listing rules and directions for how to implement and manage the new profile. Call it style insurance.


In the summer of 2013, Rica introduced their newly refined profile that reflected their market position. The identity makes a clear statement to the public, but also functions as a unifier for their large staff spread all over Norway and Sweden.