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The Design Cure

Project name
Prevent supplements

Prevent is a line of natural supplements, vitamins and minerals. It holds a soft spot in our hearts as WORK’s very first project.


Midelfart, the original owners of Prevent, produced and distributed cosmetics and other personal care products. They had the idea to create a line of natural supplement products and had so far only come up with the name, but they were having a difficult time figuring out how to break into the pharmacy market.


We knew that the Prevent line of supplements had to be something that broke away from the products Midelfart was associated with. It had to look trustworthy, like it had been around for years, but was still modern and suited for everyday use.

Our market analysis and interview research was aimed at understanding what pharmacies and their customers associated with trust, and what kind of products they tended to recommend to people already. We shared this information with Midelfart as they developed the product. In pharmacies, all products had a very clean, clear look and feel to them, and came with the assumption that the makers or the pharmacy techs had done a very specified job, which earned the customer’s trust.

To meet these expectations, we created transparent bottles whose labels made a visual reference to pharmacy prescriptions. Clear, colored borders, simple fonts, and detailed instructions were also drawn from this concept. We added our unique touch to the labels by using iconic, botanical drawings of the contents in each bottle, like the detailed illustrations of cranberries and echinacea. The label layout also gave clear descriptions of what each supplement would be good for according to established medical research. This was to reassure the customer that they were buying the supplement for a specific purpose instead of ”just because.” The bottles now had familiar, traditional elements, and clarity of intention that customers could relate to.


Our design of the Prevent bottles resulted in immediate acceptance by pharmacies around the country, and it wasn’t long before Midelfart was asked to develop a line of vitamins and minerals to match the supplements. Once they did, they came back to us to further develop the range to co-exist with the natural supplements, and strengthen the Prevent presence in the shop. We used the same visual approach to the labels, only this time they featured illustrations of the chemical formulas. As with the labels on the supplements, the vitamins and minerals line detailed the intended use and benefits on each label.



Brand Strategy, Packaging design, Identity, Advertising