Image Signature buckle closes, tightens and connects PicPacs
Image Not just for long trips
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Signature buckle closes, tightens and connects PicPacs
Not just for long trips
Separate used items in the zip pocket
Individual compartements
Product wordmarks
Product labels
Colors and type

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Project name
Pic Pac

Here’s some good news for you: you don’t need to sit on your suitcase to close it anymore. PicPac is a series of adaptable storage solutions for travelers needing a more effiencient way to organize their luggage. In a few small, stylish pouches, you can separately pack clean and dirty clothes, shoes, and other items that easily choke up the everyday traveler’s luggage.


Like many people, Anne Gunnæs knew that the love of traveling came with the price of disorganized, poorly packed luggage. But she wasn’t going to settle for this. She observed that the most common problem among travelers was the inefficient practice of rolling up, wadding, and stuffing belongings into their suitcases. Anne knew there had to be another solution, so she came to us with an idea and we got to work on bringing it to life.


Our answer to Anne was PicPac. We developed the entire product from the ground up, from its physical feel to its name, graphic profile and digital identity. As we developed the ZipPac and ShuPac products, we focused on making the pouches out of a material that would adapt to and protect their contents. High on the list of priorities was that the pouches would have to be machine washable, and easy to open and close. We worked very closely with the production company on every step of the process to ensure optimum quality. We also developed the sales strategy for the brand, aiming at making the product take off via online social networks in particular.


PicPac was just launched in January 2013, with a tight identity and sales strategy that covers all the bases.