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What came to be known as Oslotech was founded in 1984 to promote and fund Norwegian business. They work as an independent special interest group with the majority of shareholders being the University in Oslo, the City of Oslo, and the Industrial Development Corporation of Norway (SIVA).


Forskningsparken came to us with a dilemma - on one hand they handled renting and management of their enormous campus and on the other they lobbied for the protection and growth of new, tech-oriented business in Norway. It was clear to them that these activities had to be distinct but there was no clear idea of how this should be done.


It was quickly agreed that we had to separate the business units by name to avoid confusion. So we named, rebranded and repositioned the lobbying unit “Oslotech" in order to bring a little more clarity to the mix. The name reflects location as well as a link to the tech business they operate in.

With 27 years of entrepreneurship under their belts, Oslotech needed to present themselves with the same level of cogency and expertise as the industry they support. Along with creating the name, we focused on Oslotech’s visual identity and corporate communications style. Oslotech’s “voice” commanded respect but was also very friendly and approachable. The corporate identity we recommended to link to Forskningsparken via the custom font Science, which has a sharp and technical feel to it.


Oslotech has now it's own stand, and is clear and visible both in media and by arranging talks and discussions in Forskningsparken and other relevant arenas. It is still linked to Forskningsparken, Startup Lab and Build 2 Grow, through a common web platform (, but is a more prominent leader.


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