Image NJ Pattern printed on fabric
Image Clothing Label
Image Various Printed Matter
Image Lookbook/-poster cover
Image Invites using gold foil on raw cardstock
Image Lookbook cover
Image NJ Pattern knit into a sweater
Image NJ Pattern Skirt and Purse
Image Lookbook spreads
NJ Pattern printed on fabric
Clothing Label
Various Printed Matter
Lookbook/-poster cover
Invites using gold foil on raw cardstock
Lookbook cover
NJ Pattern knit into a sweater
NJ Pattern Skirt and Purse
Lookbook spreads

Everyday Luxury

Project name
Nina Jarebrink Identity

Swedish fashion designer Nina Jarebrink's clothing is known for a vibrant style that reminds women they don't need a reason to dress up. In Jarebrink's eyes there's no difference between Tuesday and Saturday. Every day can be a special occasion.

But in 2009, Nina was aware of the fact that her label's visual identity wasn't nearly as carefree as her clothing. She approached WORK for help in repositioning her label to reflect its position and attitude. The idea of "everyday luxury" was inherent in the brand, and the graphic identity grew out of this concept.

We focused on using simple, classic materials and shapes when developing Nina's logotype, patterns, hangtags, lookbooks, invitations and gift cards. Geometric, gold shapes, rich colors, and a playful retro 80s feel conveyed longevity, and an identity that was not stiff or rigid. The invites, made with gold foil and raw cardstock, were both fancy and grounded, making anyone who received them know they were going somewhere special. And they knew exactly what to wear.


Overall Identity, Logotype, hangtags, lookbook, invitations and giftcards.