Image Alternate 1kg bag design
Image Ready for your beverage
Image Oversized ice blocks for fine beverages
Image 2kg packaging
Image Mr.Iceman responsive website
Image Factory signage and delivery van
Image The founder´s car
Alternate 1kg bag design
Ready for your beverage
Oversized ice blocks for fine beverages
2kg packaging
Mr.Iceman responsive website
Factory signage and delivery van
The founder´s car

Ice, Ice Baby

Project name
Mr.Iceman Re-Branding

Selling ice in Norway may sound like an odd business angle, but it was this pioneering idea that made Mr. Iceman a success. Mr. Iceman's cool phenomenon began in his parents' garage in 1999. He produced ice cubes, packed them in bags, and drove them out to stores in the back of his own car. It wasn't long before he provided 2kg and 9kg bags of ice cubes and crushed ice to stores around Oslo.


When Mr. Iceman approached us he already had a logo and a steady client base. But as competition began to crop up, he knew he had to solidify his number-one spot in the market. He came to WORK needing a new visual profile that would stand out among the infamous clutter of convenience stores, and on the street when he made his deliveries from the ice mobile. Mr. Iceman has always been dedicated to the belief that ice is a crucial item on the everyday shopper’s grocery list.


The main communication channel was the packaging and in-store freezers, so the profile had to be clear and unmistakable. This would prevent Mr. Iceman’s bag from getting lost among the heaps of frozen goods. A simple product, Mr. Iceman called for simple presentation, with a playful twist in keeping with Mr. Iceman’s quirky personality. We created a new wordmark and combined it with big, bold, sorta-funny messages and plays on words instead of photos or other cost-driving elements.

We also added a 1kg bag to his product line, something that could fit into small freezers in order to appeal to students, campers and beach-goers.


It’s not hard to find Mr. Iceman, at tradeshows, supermarkets, parties and more. You’ll often hear people say “bring a Mr. Iceman with you” when on your way to a party. People know it isn’t the same as the ice one can make at home; the cubes are frozen under pressure and therefore last longer, and cross the line into high-end ice.


Image Hardworking spirit
Image Factory signage
Image Packaging process
Image Stacks of Ice ready to be rolled out
Image Custom Ice™ orders in Customized packaging
Image Tradeshow booth with a 1x1meter ice cube centerpiece