Image The new design solution
Image Refined and updated logo
Image Entire product range
Image The Lisa Family
Image Iconic illustration style
Image New lids inspired by their original design
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The new design solution
Refined and updated logo
Entire product range
The Lisa Family
Iconic illustration style
New lids inspired by their original design

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Project name
Lisa Syltetøy

Lisa started making preserves in 1940 – today it is a charming family company run by Lisa´s equally charming son and grandsons. The family takes great pride in every aspect of their product and you can taste it – the one thing lacking a bit of follow up was their brand identity. What started with a redraw of their logo ended in a complete range of packaging.

The illustrations are inspired by childhood memories of summers eating fresh preserve and the old school tablecloths and jars often found in summer home kitchens around Norway. While hopefully reminding some of their childhood summers we also figured the style stood out in a positive way from the often polished and impersonal competitors.


Image Getting ready to ship
Image First batch with new packaging leaving the factory