Image Front console
Image Yacht concept
Image Bridge overview
Image Bridge layout
Image Console side view
Image Front seating
Image Console overview
Image Rear console
Image Owner´s lounge
Image Bridge sideview
Image Skylight
Front console
Yacht concept
Bridge overview
Bridge layout
Console side view
Front seating
Console overview
Rear console
Owner´s lounge
Bridge sideview

Design at the Helm

Project name
Kongsberg Maritime Bridge

Kongsberg Maritime is known for a wide range of high-tech navigation systems and other maritime products. They approached WORK to develop a bridge concept for the luxury yacht market. The bridge would be presented at the 2007 Monaco Yacht Show.

The aim was to incorporate the aesthetic quality and finish found in luxury automobiles, along with a light, airy feel to the bridge that would leave room for plenty of swank. Among the drawbacks to then-current style of yacht bridges were the bulky consoles and control decks that were not very pleasing to the eye. So we integrated all the screens, displays and controls into a seamless console, which was modeled after the signature Kongsberg console profile. We also incorporated materials often associated with high-end interior design, like stainless steel and premium leather.

We presented the bridge and yacht concepts in a beautiful, custom bound book.