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The cart in action
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Brand guidelines overview

Next stop: Coffee

Project name
Kaffebilen Identity

The mobile espresso bar Kaffebilen is a happy little car that brings coffee to people all over Oslo. It's been spotted at businesses, tradeshows, weddings, corporate events, concerts, and wherever else people need coffee. Which is pretty much anywhere.

In 2007, the creators of Kaffebilen asked WORK for help in creating an identity for this car-with-a-kick, and what we came up with was an identity that was as colorful as the role the car plays for coffee lovers across the city.

We created energetic symbols for Kaffebilen that were easy to spot, reflecting the owners' love of retro designs and bright colors. Coffee brings people together, gives energy, and its familiar smell always brings on a good mood. Its success is already built in; the bud, bean, and flower symbols reflected how the function and results of the product were inherent within it. Our coffee cup and wordmark designs, and our layout of the car itself, conveyed the innovative and just plain happy idea behind it which remains incredibly successful today.