Image Shoebox based on our original Swims box design
Image Balmoral overshoe in yellow
Image Sole pattern
Image Balmoral overshoe in black
Image 3 color options
Image John Lobb by SWIMS
Image Balmoral overshoe in John Lobb yellow
Shoebox based on our original Swims box design
Balmoral overshoe in yellow
Sole pattern
Balmoral overshoe in black
3 color options
John Lobb by SWIMS
Balmoral overshoe in John Lobb yellow

Heritage & Technology

Project name
John Lobb Overshoe

Hermes-owned John Lobb is a renowned British shoemaker with a long history of producing high-end, handmade shoes. In the spring of 2008, they approached Swims to design a custom-fitted galosh for their Prestige line of shoes. As Swims’ partner in product design, we led the process and development of the John Lobb Overshoe.

We sought to marry handmade style with synthetic protection. The overshoe had to keep the shoe intact against weather without overshadowing its shape. So we turned to automotive design processes to do this, using advanced surfacing and 3D scanning technology to produce a streamlined design for the elastic/rubber material. In addition to the overshoe, we also designed the tasteful, matching shoebox.