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IT Support in a flash

Project name
Instant Office

Instant Office provides a wide variety of IT services in the Scandinavian Market. They specialize in accessible IT service and support for businesses, eliminating the long wait times and confusion that were once synonymous with reaching out to an IT center for help.

When Instant Office approached WORK in 2009, they already had a solid business and happy clients, but felt that their identity didn't match their professionalism. They looked like a tiny shop when they were in fact a highly skilled, mid-size company. WORK was already an Instant Office customer, and familiar with their streamlined, personable style. Redesigning their professional identity was a snap.

We created the I/O logo that conveys the ones-and-zeros at the heart of programming language, and framed it in a bright blue button that represents Instant Office's commitment to simplicity and accessibility. Reaching them is as easy as the push of a button, which is also reinforced by the keyboard sticker. We designed the sleek business cards, office signage and website to demonstrate a company that knew how to quickly get to the core of an issue and provide a clear solution.