Image Embossed logo on folder cover
Image Wild Mushrooms
Image Product folder and box
Image Custom Pictograms
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Image Product sheet & category introduction
Image Say Cheese!
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Embossed logo on folder cover
Wild Mushrooms
Product folder and box
Custom Pictograms
Product sheet & category introduction
Say Cheese!
Product sheet close-up
Category Images by Lisa Westgaard
Business cards
Identity details

Gourmet Identity

Project name
Harlem Gourmet Branding

Established in 1973, Harlem Food trading company is Oslo's go-to place for imported foods from around the world.


Harlem initially approached us with the idea of presenting their southern European gourmet imports to the HoReCa (Hotel - Restaurant - Catering) market with a brochure. They created a subdivision, Harlem Gourmet, to carry the gourmet imports, but knew the brochure would not make enough of an impact.


We defined the Harlem Gourmet brand around the industry know-how and quality that the Harlem name was already known for. We united the logo, print material and staff clothing with a clean, slightly more upscale look. The centerpiece of Harlem Gourmet’s presentation was the slipcase binder, which tackled the main challenge presented by the use of a brochure. A brochure could not easily be updated with the ever-changing selection of gourmet foods that Harlem provided, and, it would never stand out professionally to the HoReCa crowd. The slipcase binder offered an elegant and functional solution that could be independently updated by the staff at Harlem. We gave them everything they needed to produce high-quality product sheets on their own desktop printers.

Efficient and economical, the slipcase binder also looked good; it was made to stand out as a valuable resource on the shelves of the end user because it already looked like an industry standard. The beautiful, painstaking photography by Lisa Westgaard, Norway's number-one food photographer, further reinforced Harlem Gourmet's commitment to quality.


Strategy, Design, Art Direction


Image Tone breaking off chunks of cheese
Image Just want to put these on a burning hot grill pan
Image "Mediterranean daylight"
Image Working towards the perfect composition
Image Different colors of oil
Image Leg of Lamb ready to be shot
Image Old school – Polaroids, croppers and loupe
Image Kevin making sure everything is right before it´s on film