The Grass is Greener on the IT Side

Project name
Grønn IT

The Grass is Greener on the IT SideThe company wanted to develop a booklet to hand out to current and prospective members on the relationship between IT and the environment. But this topic wasn’t exactly one that would jump off the page to grab readers. IKT Norge asked us to create a booklet that would be visually appealing and make the important information easy to digest.

Our solution was a booklet with a very clean, balanced layout that was simple to scan through. We relied heavily on oversized graphics and nature photos to convey the bulk of the information without overwhelming the reader. A large amount of the photography highlighted the intrinsic circuitry that can be found in nature, like streams crisscrossing each other, or the webbed veins found on the underside of tree leaves.


Identity, Creative Direction, Layout