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New logo
Easy wayfinding
Iconography in use
Infocolums for each floor
Custom typeface
Need to book a meeting?
Conference room
Lets have coffee in the bakery!
Todays meetings!
Custom stoneware
Website tablet view
Mobile view too!
Individual delivery routing
Recycling station
Going up!
Outside wayfinding
Various icons
Floor colums

Back to the Future, Again.

Project name

Founded in 1986, Forskningsparken (Oslo Science Park) is the biggest facility dedicated to science and venture capital in Norway. It is one of the most high-tech innovation and development areas in the country.


Forskningsparken is home to over 160 companies where investors and scientists are dedicated to technological growth. But this hub for early-stage, high-potential startup companies was going through a serious identity crisis up until 2013. Think of all the technology that has come and gone over the period Forskningsparken has been around. Cassette tapes, CDs and iPods don’t talk to each other any more than the architecture did at Forskningsparken. Outmoded buildings clashing against contemporary ones gave the Park a broken identity. It was a visual mix tape that wasn’t pretty!

Forskningsparken wanted a strong concept that would unite the buildings in a way that was easy on the eyes, helped visitors find their way around, and worked in Norwegian and English.


We began by defining the role of Forskningsparken as the optimal campus for science ventures. Truer to the Norwegian definition, its English name became Oslo Science Park. The name remarried the purpose of the area to its actual use.

Next, we worked on creating a wayfinding system that helped people get around campus faster than Flash Gordon. It allowed for seamless movement between buildings that previously had individual methods of navigation.

The website was developed in cooperation with Bakken & Bæck, who was in charge of programming.


The identity we developed included clear, eye-catching signage. Custom fonts and iconography achieved maximum brand presence regardless of size. This served the dual purpose of distinct wayfinding and making Forskningsparken feel like a singular space.

In addition to signage and branded collateral, Work also designed a new website, which clearly distinguished the services offered and helped state the dynamics of the area.

In short, Forskningsparken was reunited. Reunited, and it looked so good. (Okay, we’ll stop.)

Before, finding your way around Forskningsparken was troublesome and visitors had difficulties finding their meetings, sometimes even getting lost inside the building structure. Today, Forskningsparken communicates clearly to both visitors and tenants, who unlike before are fully aware of where they are and where they are going. It makes us feel great getting into work in the morning!

Astrid Bjerke Lund
Communications Manager


Image Choosing the right icons!
Image Various signage
Image Early stages of the logo
Image Work in progress