Image Window signage with polished brass lettering
Image Embossed logo on printed matter
Image Window display
Image Shirt label
Image Tailor at work
Image Classic dresshirts
Image Correspondance card, gift card and business cards
Window signage with polished brass lettering
Embossed logo on printed matter
Window display
Shirt label
Tailor at work
Classic dresshirts
Correspondance card, gift card and business cards

Getting the Killer Look

Project name
F.M. Ramstad

Tailor Fred Martin Ramstad's background may be rooted in Savile Row, but his consummate dedication to the art of gentlemanhood definitely puts him in his own category. So it was no surprise that he decided to strike out on his own and open a shop where he could do things his way.

F.M. Ramstad is a genuine character with a feverish relationship to the textures, fabrics, tones and styles he presents to his customers. When he approached WORK in 2008 for a new visual identity, we instantly knew that above all else, the identity had to reflect Ramstad's intensity and the standards he swears by.

But just because he lives and breathes his work doesn't mean he's a stuffed shirt – F.M. Ramstad's seriousness lends quite a bit of sly, intelligent humor to his brand. The dress shirts, window displays, signage, and clothing labels we created all brought with them a little vibrancy to the classics in his shop. We also loved that there was something Patrick Bateman-esque to his presentation and style. The famous card comparison scene from "American Psycho" was our inspiration when designing his correspondence, gift, and business cards (complete with raised lettering and subtle, off-white coloring). All in all, we created a visual package that was as unique and classic as F.M. Ramstad himself.

My business cards alone would give Patrick Bateman a panic attack. Needless to say, I couldn’t be happier.

Fred Martin Ramstad


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