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Project name
Build 2 Grow Identity

BUILD2GROW is an entrepreneurial program for startups that offers valuable insights on how to make new companies convey their message as clearly as possible.


Startups will often become so focused on nitty-gritty financials and future prospects that they forget all about selling point number one: presentation. Build2grow plays an integral part in helping new businesses maintain their economic structure, finance and market position, and offers inspirational talks and seminars on how to tap into potential growth areas. But like the new kids they love to guide, they got so good at delivering their expertise that they didn’t really pay attention to how they were packaging themselves.

Build2Grow struggled to present themselves in a clear, attractive manner to their target market, so they asked for our help in adding some wow to their know-how.


Developing businesses are all about ideas. In fact, they’re bubbling over with ideas. So we took this literally and devised the concept of a think-tank that pops.

It was important to be loud and stand out, so Work set out to play up the use of inspiring quotes along with the everyday grumbles of startup life. It wasn’t hard to imagine “Find adventure in venture” next to “I can’t do this without coffee.” Using oversized Post-it-esque speech bubbles that captured the real-life imaginations and frustrations of tomorrow’s big companies, the identity came across as bold, clear and contemporary.


Along with the souped up new look and promotional plan, we worked on implementing Build2Grow’s identity into their space at Forskningsparken. We developed signage and a fun, speech bubble-shaped pouffe where users could sit and check out the new online portal as they pleased.

Being a part of the Oslotech and Forskningsparken family, Build2Grow also uses the custom font Science.


Image Installing signs
Image Identity in use
Image Custom pouffe