Image Evolution from original logo
Image Hang tag for the Race category
Image Hangtags for all Categories
Image Collection workbook cover
Image Brand manual detail showing logo lock-up principles
Image Pictures from extensive, 57-page brand manual
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Evolution from original logo
Hang tag for the Race category
Hangtags for all Categories
Collection workbook cover
Brand manual detail showing logo lock-up principles
Pictures from extensive, 57-page brand manual
Customized pictograms

The Winning Combination

Project name
Bjørn Dæhlie Re-branding

Norwegian skier Bjørn Dæhlie has won the most medals in the history of the Winter Olympics. Towards the end of his incredible career, he created his own line of winter sport training clothes, based on his experience and preferences. The line soon gained a reputation as a high-quality collection suitable for professional athletes and everyday users.


In 2007 the brand moved its base from Switzerland back to Bjørn's native Norway, and as part of this process they wanted to restructure and redesign the brand image that had become outdated.


We started by dividing their products into different segments: Race (for competing athletes), Pursuit (for training), and Active (for dog-walking and Sunday strolls). This gave each item in the collection a purpose, and made it easier for both consumers and salespeople to understand when and how to use them. It also made it easier for stores to order the right clothes for their target audience.

We then renewed the visual profile, including the logo – even though we were initially told not to touch it. We felt that the original logo was crude and lacked the sleek flow of a high-end sporting goods brand. The new logo was a modern touch on the old one, so that it didn’t jeopardize the brand’s strong market position, and would look great stitched or printed on the clothing. The wordmark was also redesigned to be more legible and less outdated, and matched the angles of the symbol to ensure a perfect fit.

Last but not least, we completed a 57-page brand guideline book to cover branding from the corporate level to gear and advertising. The brand is handled by worldwide distributors and partners, and this book was an effort to ensure a consistent brand image everywhere.


The brand received an overall identity makeover, becoming united and distinguished, resulting in increased visibility. The brand value of the company also saw an increase as a result of the redesign and rebranding we performed, among other factors. The brand was sold to Active Brands in 2011.


Brand Positioning, Product & Brand Matrix, Logo, Identity Manual